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Understanding Scale

You’ve probably thought a lot about the spatial layout of your home. From the height of your ceilings to the width of your rooms, you have to know the size and location of everything in your home to figure out whether you can carry a sofa up the stairs or fit two nightstands. SCALE It...

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Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor Whether your home project is a simple bathroom remodel or a complete start-over gut job, the success or failure of the project will oftentimes depend on the contractor you hire. Hiring the wrong person for the job could lead to an endless project with many unforeseen expenses. Choosing...

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Return on Investment of a Remodel

You read our last post about Renovating vs Remodeling and now you’ve decided you definitely want to remodel.  Congratulations on making the big decision! Now let’s talk about another word that begins with R: Return as in ROI or Return on Investment. In general, there are two ways to think about remodeling: an investment in...

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The Re-Design of the Re-model

The Re-Design of the Re-model We already know there’s a big difference between an interior designer versus an interior decorator. Yet, did you know that there’s a significant difference between a remodel and a renovation? The words are often used interchangeably but in reality, they both have a more nuanced meaning. Let’s unpack those differences...

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Survive a Remodel

Survive and Thrive We know most homeowners can agree that the best way to get through a home remodel is to relocate to a luxurious beach house in Hawaii. We also know a month or longer tropical getaway is not in the cards for most of us. Yet, you have finally decided the time has...

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Guest blog: Interning with Johanna G. Seldes/IDC

  When I posted my blog about finding an extra pair of hands, I was excited to find someone to assist me but also to share my expertise with. I found Jeff, an eager and willing mentee looking for experience outside of the classroom. With a passion for interior decorating and design, Jeff has helped...

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Interior Designer: It’s Official

The Official Definition Time and again I am asked about the difference between an Interior Designer vs. a Decorator. Now, thanks to the Council of Interior Design Qualification, I can answer with authority that there is an official definition for a licensed Interior Designer. Here is the abbreviated version: Interior design encompasses the analysis, planning,...

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An extra pair of hands

For some time now, the possibility of needing help in the form of an extra pair of hands has become more apparent. Yet, given that the actual service I offer is my expertise, knowledge, design insight and creativity, I’ve been baffled as to how could I potentially achieve this. I, Johanna G. Seldes, will always...

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Is the hand-drawn sketch a thing of the past?

The recent American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Facebook post showing vintage images of pre-AutoCAD architects and designers drafting plans, stretched out and leaning over their over-sized work station tables, using endless reams of paper, steel edge rulers and T-squares, pencils and erasers got me thinking about my own hand-drawn sketches. Old-School As a graduate of...

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Design Reasons and Seasons

Dining Groupings The Design Reason Beyond the Season  Florida may be lacking in the distinctive seasons department – but that doesn’t mean your home design can’t enjoy a little seasonal change. Not to be confused with visiting your local home décor store to accessorize for the seasons, we’re talking about conscientiously thinking about design. With less focus on decorating...

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She was passionate, patient and professional throughout the entire process!  

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