Custom New Construction vs Customizing Private Homes Part 2

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Customized Private Home        

While new home construction is about designing within the perimeters of the builder, a private home’s design is about bringing the homeowner’s custom vision to life. In this highly collaborative process, Johanna likes to get to the heart of how her clients live in their current space and compare it to how they want to live. She analyzes what works and what doesn’t and then utilizes that insight to design a custom plan that fits their specific lifestyle.

In a private home, an interior designer has to make real-world decisions, working within the home and space. For example, a client wanted a new kitchen but couldn’t change the layout or square footage of the home. Through clever design, Johanna was able to fulfill clients must-haves – like more prep space and updated appliances – while maintaining the same footprint. 

Moreover, Johanna considers the character of a private home and respects what the house already has to offer. In a private home upgrade, Johanna brought this 100-year-old house into the 21st century. Everything from the kitchen finishes to the color on the walls, Johanna and the client made decisions that would showcase and preserve the history of the home while still producing a more modern feel.

Custom private home remodels means that the design improvements extend out past popular aesthetics. Johanna and the homeowners work together to bring an idea of a personalized space to life. A private home is all about functionality without the fuss. It’s not about “As seen on TV,” it’s more so about authentically reflecting the homeowner’s individuality.

Customized vs. Custom in Practice  

Designing a bathroom and getting it just right is no easy feat. For a custom new build, a potential homeowner might want more than just a standard guest bathroom you could see at any house on the block. Johanna G. Seldes IDC/Interior Design Consulting chose unique fixtures and a dynamic sink bowl to make the bathroom pop while keeping the same standard layout provided by the builder. In contrast, remodeling the guest bathroom of a private home allows for a more elaborate design. The homeowners wanted their sense of style embedded in everything down to the walls, literally. The bubble tile accent stripe in the shower has tons of personality that fits the unique homeowner instead of trying to appeal to a universal taste.

Both types of projects, customizing and custom, require strong, solid collaboration and ample design expertise. Whether a private home or a new custom build, Johanna G. Seldes IDC/Interior Design Consulting understands that a living space is meant to be lived in and works to create the reality of a dream home.

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