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Interiors Insider: Summer Inspirations

     We’re excited to share our quarterly newsletter with you. See what we’ve been working on…we hope something inspires your next project!      Summer is here, and many of you will be spending more time at home with friends and family. Let us know how we can help make your spaces more livable....

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Tired of your old furniture? Think about transforming it.

We’ve all seen those design shows where highly creative and resourceful people renovate furniture resulting in a brand-new look.  While we know that in the non-TV world the process is not as quick and easy, it can be a viable option to work existing pieces into a new interior design plan. How do we know...

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5 Perfect Kitchen Upgrades for a New Look Without Remodeling

Almost every homeowner dreams of a brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen. It’s a fact that kitchen remodels can be a huge undertaking in terms of time, expense, and personal disruption and upheaval. Even more so in today’s unusual circumstances. However,  while many of our clients are focused on remodeling on a grand scale, we also have...

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Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor Whether your home project is a simple bathroom remodel or a complete start-over gut job, the success or failure of the project will oftentimes depend on the contractor you hire. Hiring the wrong person for the job could lead to an endless project with many unforeseen expenses. Choosing...

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Is it a speckle or a sparkle?

Sparkling floors have taken on a whole new meaning with the latest trend in tile grout. No, we are not referring to any form of cleaning product.  Although let’s get real, tile floor grout can get pretty grimy, flat, faded especially if unsealed.  But that’s for another blog!! We are sharing news of one of...

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Are you Cooking, Looking, or Both?

Gourmet Chef, Modern-Day Cook or Microwave Afficiando? When considering cooking appliance options for your kitchen redesign the theory and practice of “form and function” are the key ingredients to the success of the recipe. Johanna G. Seldes, Tampa ASID interior designer knows that “form and function” in the kitchen are as important as “salt and...

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Interiors Insider Solution

More than a tip, an Interiors Insider Solution One of the many advantages of working with interior designer Johanna Seldes is her wealth of knowledge when it comes to the details of the small stuff.  Not to be confused with being insignificant or minor.  Rather the small stuff that gets noticed! Plus, with more than...

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A kitchen renovation with style and function

Creating the ultimate kitchen A client in South Tampa loved their home and its location.  Considering a move to another home was not an option for them. However, the kitchen area was small, felt very much closed in, and was not functional to their needs. A kitchen renovation appeared to be their best solution. They...

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Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator

What is the difference? Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator In my profession, I am often asked what the difference is between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Most people are not aware that there even is a difference in the two professions. Interior design and interior decorating are often mistaken for being the same...

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Johanna Seldes is a pro and a problem solver! She listens well, measures twice, cuts once.  

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