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Design Reasons and Seasons

Dining Groupings The Design Reason Beyond the Season  Florida may be lacking in the distinctive seasons department – but that doesn’t mean your home design can’t enjoy a little seasonal change. Not to be confused with visiting your local home décor store to accessorize for the seasons, we’re talking about conscientiously thinking about design. With less focus on decorating...

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Column Refrigeration opens up design options

New Take on Refrigeration Guest Writer: Felix Menedez, Famous Tate The days of massive stainless appliances may be coming to an end. For nearly twenty years the recognized symbol of the luxury kitchen was the enormous stainless built-in refrigerator. Recent trends now seem to indicate appliances becoming less “in your face” and more a complement...

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The Judge Johanna Show

Drama by Design There’s no design room drama, or selections scandals, or stolen swatches to report. There will be no name calling, sudden outbursts or profanities. No, the Judge Johanna Show is the complete opposite. This show the annual OBIE Awards hosted by the Greater Atlanta Builders Association. Almost all Builders Associations nationwide host annual...

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Under The Florida Sun Whole Home Redesign

Family brings memories of Tuscany to their Oldsmar, Fl home Johanna G. Seldes ASID was brought in at the initial design phase of this whole home redesign to make the dreams of Tuscan-country home a reality. The homeowners had a very definite vision for their home and it was Johanna’s expertise that delivered on every...

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South Tampa Full Home Renovation

How does a South Tampa, FL, family get from wanting a new covered lanai to adding a pool and a full home renovation? The answer lies in seeking expert advice, collaborative and thoughtful planning and ultimately the proficiency of ASID accredited Interior Designer, Johanna Seldes. Johanna’s most recent project started with these South Tampa homeowners looking...

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Interiors Insider Solution

More than a tip, an Interiors Insider Solution One of the many advantages of working with interior designer Johanna Seldes is her wealth of knowledge when it comes to the details of the small stuff.  Not to be confused with being insignificant or minor.  Rather the small stuff that gets noticed! Plus, with more than...

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Experience pays off with new home design

Experience pays off with new home design Written by: Lyla Haggard / Photos by: Johan Roetz We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” While parents serve as the main care providers, everyone from grandparents and siblings to friends and teachers play an important role in the development of a...

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The decision of downsizing to a condominium

Downsizing remodel Often times the thought of downsizing can seem overwhelming.  How will I use the space?  Will there be enough storage? However, recently retired clients weighed all the positives of wanting a lifestyle where they could travel and enjoy life without worrying about the upkeep of a large home. And so the decision to...

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From 4 unit carriage house….to primary residence

Whole Home Primary Residence Renovation One of the most challenging, yet rewarding, primary residence renovation projects I have ever worked on involved turning a 4 unit carriage home into a single primary residence. My clients called me with the news that they wanted to convert their 4 apartment, 2- story rental property in South Tampa into...

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Her attention to detail, knowledge of scale and light were spot on.  

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