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For some time now, the possibility of needing help in the form of an extra pair of hands has become more apparent. Yet, given that the actual service I offer is my expertise, knowledge, design insight and creativity, I’ve been baffled as to how could I potentially achieve this.

I, Johanna G. Seldes, will always be your exclusive design partner. It has been my business model for more than twenty-five years and I have no intention of changing now. I have no desire to clone me or have several junior designers, but I need to think strategically.


The reality is my work presents me with a number of quirky challenges. Not to my expertise or design acumen. Rather, challenges requiring an exceptional adeptness in balancing the design in all its forms. For instance, designing is as much creative as it is logical. Spatial planning is as much logical as it is creative. Vendor management requires as much solid communication as it does authoritative assertiveness. Learning industry-news, keeping abreast of new products, staying aware of installation techniques is as critical as it is rewarding.

 “Why,” you may ask, “do I need an extra pair of hands? It’s simple.  New home sales, home remodeling, a surge in new and improved products, updated installation techniques, innovative design applications, more complexity in and of all design possibilities, have all served as an increased demand of interior design.

So, what’s the answer? An intern.

From past experience as a teacher at The Design Academy (now The Art Institute), I recall students eager for real-life opportunities beyond the classroom.  IDC/Interior Design Consulting is in a very unique position to provide this while benefiting from a design peer/contemporary’s extra pair of hands.

Two-way street

As a business owner, there are many factors to consider when taking on an intern. Interior design is one of those professions where an intern makes perfect sense. I have decided to look at it as an exercise in sharing a two-way street:

–    Share real-life design experiences

–    Share perspectives: both fresh and refreshed

–    Share processes: tried and tested, new and piloted

–    Share knowledge: we can all learn something from someone else

–    Share expertise: watch a highly-skilled craftsman at work

–    Share technology: techniques applied with new technology

–    Share time: create efficiencies on and for the job

And for my clients: I am committed to giving each of my clients a one-of-a-kind experience. This will never waver or be compromised, so the intern is an ideal solution for balancing the design in all its forms!

Contact Johanna today for your initial consultation. Johanna G. Seldes, ASID IDC/Interior Design Consulting is a full service, award-winning Tampa Bay interior design firm that works with custom home builders, remodeling companies and individual clients. We provide interior design project management services throughout the entire construction process, including preconstruction design, selections, and installation.

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Her attention to detail, knowledge of scale and light were spot on.  

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