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Survive a Remodel

Survive and Thrive We know most homeowners can agree that the best way to get through a home remodel is to relocate to a luxurious beach house in Hawaii. We also know a month or longer tropical getaway is not in the cards for most of us. Yet, you have finally decided the time has...

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Is the hand-drawn sketch a thing of the past?

The recent American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Facebook post showing vintage images of pre-AutoCAD architects and designers drafting plans, stretched out and leaning over their over-sized work station tables, using endless reams of paper, steel edge rulers and T-squares, pencils and erasers got me thinking about my own hand-drawn sketches. Old-School As a graduate of...

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Column Refrigeration opens up design options

New Take on Refrigeration Guest Writer: Felix Menedez, Famous Tate The days of massive stainless appliances may be coming to an end. For nearly twenty years the recognized symbol of the luxury kitchen was the enormous stainless built-in refrigerator. Recent trends now seem to indicate appliances becoming less “in your face” and more a complement...

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Is it a speckle or a sparkle?

Sparkling floors have taken on a whole new meaning with the latest trend in tile grout. No, we are not referring to any form of cleaning product.  Although let’s get real, tile floor grout can get pretty grimy, flat, faded especially if unsealed.  But that’s for another blog!! We are sharing news of one of...

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Are you Cooking, Looking, or Both?

Gourmet Chef, Modern-Day Cook or Microwave Afficiando? When considering cooking appliance options for your kitchen redesign the theory and practice of “form and function” are the key ingredients to the success of the recipe. Johanna G. Seldes, Tampa ASID interior designer knows that “form and function” in the kitchen are as important as “salt and...

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Patient, professional, and beyond value.... I cannot imagine having to do this with anyone else. Johanna is a diamond.  

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