The Bold and the Beautiful

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Walking through an art museum evokes certain emotions based on how the art is curated. The feeling you have is not limited to the art but also how the space is laid out, how far apart the pieces sit, where they are expertly placed along your path, how the lighting is directed. A great museum takes its own interior space layout into account, how the walls, natural and artificial lighting, and furniture interact with the art pieces themselves. Museums are not made to be plain rectangles for artworks to shrink in. Now imagine trying to create a museum. Imagine trying to take your late 80s/early 90s suburban-style home and put an extensive, beautiful art collection on display. Those two scenarios seem counter-intuitive. You don’t live in a museum. Yet, this was somewhat of the challenge Johanna G. Seldes/IDC, the project’s architectural designer and general contractor, Greaves Construction, faced for her in this, her most recent finished work. The client’s remodel became a puzzle to solve but ultimately ended with something far more BOLD and more BEAUTIFUL than previously imagined.

At the start, it seemed easier to just move. With a gorgeous art collection featuring wall art, sculptures and decorative accessories both large and small, it seemed easier to carefully pack everything up than to hang it in a home that did not suit it. But the house itself had good bones. With a fabulous location in a north Tampa community, the home sits on an estate-size lot with lush landscaping, plus water and conservation views that beckoned for outdoor living, why give up a perfectly good homesite? The home plan and design were dated and no longer functioned for the client’s needs, yet they realized the remodel could be everything they wanted, needed and more. That’s where Johanna G. Seldes/IDC came in. With 4500 sq. ft. inside and 1700+ outside, she knew she could create the exact home the client and their art collection wanted and needed.

Since Johanna and her clients knew the dated floorplan needed redefining, before beginning to look at the interior design selections, Johanna concentrated on the flow and spatial layout. Initially, the owners leaned towards a clean, minimalistic, almost contemporary backdrop, something that would showcase their art.  However, that didn’t fully address how space itself should function as we move and interact within our homes today.  Further, a stark, sterile modern environment would not completely be reflective of the clients. To achieve the balance would be through well-defined spaces and carefully chosen interior materials.  For the project to be successful the structural changes, construction process and design required total cooperation between Johanna G. Seldes/IDC, the architectural designer, the general contractor and the client. While each professional had significant input throughout Johanna, the owners and, where necessary, the architectural designer and general contractor, continually collaborated on a design that brought the art to life, conversed with it, but still allowed for the clean look with an efficient function for everyday living.

The home now has it all, form, function, and design down to the details. As you enter the home, a relocated custom front door brings light into the home and provides a gallery-feel upon first entrance. The lighting selection throughout the home was selected carefully, meant to be stylish but not ostentatious. For instance, in the kitchen, the light fixtures are strikingly modern, sculptured design, whereas in the formal living, they feature globe crystal chandeliers. The sparkle from grouping intentionally creates an elegant ceiling detail and becomes the focal point of the space. With Thermador appliances throughout, a prep and work island, as well as abundant storage, the kitchen is a modern-day chef’s dream. Being fully functional though does not mean losing style. A further example is the design of gorgeous quasi ‘waterfall’ countertops.

Look closely at the side panels and see the glimmer of light illuminating the texture and metal accents of the cabinetry.JGS/IDC Tampa Designer Remodel The semi-waterfall installation allowed for the hidden lighting. An artistic backsplash offers a finishing touch – or garnish – to the haute-cuisine design.

With bold contrast of blacks and whites with natural textures, rich wooden stains, and carefully selected finishes, the environment exudes a sense of warmth while maintaining a focus on the art. The final design evokes several contrasts. Striking yet soft, sophisticated yet welcoming, serene yet bold, impressive yet livable. Just like the art collection, the design of the home contains multitudes.

The master bathroom receives the same functional yet stylish treatment. With sculptures centered on the sink, the gallery feel cannot stop at the door. The master shower has a rain showerhead, natural stone slate walls, a waterfall-esque wall-to-floor accent tile and river rock at your feet, the bathroom looks like a modern artist’s depiction of a rainforest. The textures from slate, tile, and quartz add to the natural feel.

The opportunity for outdoor living ultimately saved the home from being put on the market. Johanna made sure to create a space that could stand on its own. Note the multi-use deck with lounging, dining, and entertaining areas plus wide-expanse screens to focus on the views.

With elegant structure, the pool-bath is no afterthought. A mix of bold blacks, whites, and patterns of hand-painted tiles keeps the space inviting and vibrant. Not to mention, there’s a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen perfect for outdoor lounging and dining. Yet again, the space has form and function that’s necessary but the space remains playful.

Overall this whole home remodel did not just need the act of designing but also the act of curation too. In the end, Johanna G. Seldes/IDC created an ideal space for living, entertaining, resting, and most of all, admiring a well-earned art collection.

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Johanna G. Seldes, ASID IDC/Interior Design Consulting is a full service, award-winning Tampa Bay interior design firm that works with custom home builders, remodeling companies and individual clients. We provide interior design project management services throughout the entire construction process, including preconstruction design, selections, and installation.


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Her attention to detail, knowledge of scale and light were spot on.  

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