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In a previous blog post, we broke down scale, which basically comes down to the spatial layout of your home. Scale matters with the size of any space, but especially smaller spaces. Whether it’s for budget, aesthetic, or architectural reasons, sometimes you have to work with the space your home came with and sometimes that space is small. Some might see this as the killer to any hope of a dream kitchen or bathroom, but in reality, Johanna G. Seldes/IDC sees it as a welcome challenge. Your small space doesn’t have to limit you. In reality, you just have to get creative.

Most of us know the classic interior design adage that adding a mirror to a small space makes it appear bigger. Yet, color can do all that and more. Using certain colors in certain places can trick the eye. For example, a small powder room should always be memorable and the color is oftentimes the critical first step. After the coloTampa Designer Seldes Powder Bathr choice, vanity and plumbing choices can make or break the room. Working with an interior designer like Johanna G. Seldes/IDC means you have the expertise to mix and match colors, metals, finishes, tilework and find the vanity perfect – and memorable – for the space.

One of the most important parts of design is designing with the function of the room in mind. In a small space, everything needs to be functional and multipurpose. Recently, Johanna G. Seldes/IDC had a client that had zero extra counter space to house a coffee machine, despite being huge coffee fans. Johanna G. Seldes/IDC designed a coffee/drink station into an alcove and the everyday passions of the client are on full display.

In the interior design busiSeldes Tampa Designer Remodelness “storage, storage, storage” is relatable to the real estate mantra “location, location, location.” In a small space especially, storage is everything. With storage, the best small space designs come from where practicality meets aesthetics. From adding kitchen islands with form and function to installing custom cabinetry in between dual vanities, small spaces don’t have to mean less storage. It just means Johanna G. Seldes/IDC skillfully plans the space to be well-organized without compromise to the design creativity.

Shelving is another crucial part of the small space design. With less room available, your surfaces might start to feel a bit cluttered. You know what makes a small space look even smaller? Clutter. Custom cabinetry design allows for every square inch of space to be used wisely, inside and out. Alternatively, open shelving provides options for items to be displayed neatly instead of scattered across the surfaces.

Consider making a blank wall a focal point, whether you’re tiling the wall in the kitchen from floor to ceiling or applying chic wallpaper in a close-quarter living room. An accent wall brings interest and depth to an otherwise forgotten area. Johanna G. Seldes/IDC often designs shower wall niches for the visual as much as for the necessity.

While the expertise of Johanna G. Seldes/IDC may lie in spatial planning and construction design services, as a full-service licensed interior designer, Johanna G. Seldes/IDC offers a knowledge beyond decorating a home. Her one-of-a-kind masterpieces are borne from thoughtful planning and an expert understanding of how to select the perfect furnishings, fixtures and fittings to complete the design. It sounds slightly counter-intuitive, but bigger style elements can actually make your space look bigger. There is no need to shy away from large fixtures simply because the space is smaller. Large retro pendant lights are a great way to not only light the space but also draw the eye upwards, making the ceilings appear taller.

Small spaces can be just as inviting as their spacious counterparts and these are not intended to be tips on how to design in a small space. More so, you just need an expert with the creativity, the eye, and the knowledge base to provide solutions that live and feel big! Call Johanna G. Seldes/IDC for your next project – big or small.

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What a wonderful experience we had working with Johanna. Great ideas...excellent in communicating. Thank you, Johanna.  

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