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Return on Investment of a Remodel

You read our last post about Renovating vs Remodeling and now you’ve decided you definitely want to remodel.  Congratulations on making the big decision! Now let’s talk about another word that begins with R: Return as in ROI or Return on Investment. In general, there are two ways to think about remodeling: an investment in...

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Guest blog: Interning with Johanna G. Seldes/IDC

  When I posted my blog about finding an extra pair of hands, I was excited to find someone to assist me but also to share my expertise with. I found Jeff, an eager and willing mentee looking for experience outside of the classroom. With a passion for interior decorating and design, Jeff has helped...

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Interior Designer: It’s Official

The Official Definition Time and again I am asked about the difference between an Interior Designer vs. a Decorator. Now, thanks to the Council of Interior Design Qualification, I can answer with authority that there is an official definition for a licensed Interior Designer. Here is the abbreviated version: Interior design encompasses the analysis, planning,...

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