Is it a speckle or a sparkle?

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Sparkling floors have taken on a whole new meaning with the latest trend in tile grout.

No, we are not referring to any form of cleaning product.  Although let’s get real, tile floor grout can get pretty grimy, flat, faded especially if unsealed.  But that’s for another blog!!

We are sharing news of one of the brightest interior design finishes since the invention of Schluter (one of Johanna’s favorite go-to solutions).

Tile selections for our floors, bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes are as unique and varied than ever before.  In general, grout selection is considered more of a necessary component of installation rather than a design element.  Today, especially for high-end design, we have an option that is visibly sparking our interest.

Get ready to be dazzled

By sparkle grout.

Glittery additives to grout have been available for some time. And while they have their place in some designs, Johanna prefers to use a pre-mixed glass-filled grout for a more imaginative design.

The grouJohanna G. Seldes IDC Sparkle Grout Blogt itself is a water-based formula containing reflective, micro-glass beads with a translucent urethane binder.  It’s this that allows the light’s reflection through the grout joints and accentuate the tile colors, textures and patterns.

Installation techniques don’t differ from traditional grout.  However, manufacturers’ recommended guidelines call for an individual trowel per color, per application. The thought is that the metallic specks should sparkle and bedazzle not be crushed or mingled into other colors.

The colors range from the very subtle to the glamorous.  We’re not talking disco ball sparkle, but bright colors and deep hues of the sparkle grout.

For the discerning eye

And from a decorative imagery standpoint, it’s the special aesthetic sparkling grout creates that makes all the difference.

A running waterfall effect with flat river rock wall tile. Bedazzle your mosaics, stone and listello tiles. The grout is especially effective when used to accent metallic, glass or semi-precious stone tiles.

There’s even a glow-in-the-dark option.  Heavenly for your spa-like owner’s bath or what about the spa or pool? The creative possibilities are endless. Johanna knows this design nuance is appreciated by her clients’ discerning eye.

Although there is a cost difference to consider, the grout Johanna prefers to use offers superior crack resistance, is composed of recycled clear glass and doesn’t require sealing. So, that means less cleaning.  But that’s for another blog!!

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