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Often times the thought of downsizing can seem overwhelming.  How will I use the space?  Will there be enough storage? However, recently retired clients weighed all the positives of wanting a lifestyle where they could travel and enjoy life without worrying about the upkeep of a large home. And so the decision to downsize from their 3500 sq. ft. home into a 2100 sq. ft. condominium was made. Condominium life would be the perfect solution!

The challenge

Once they had purchased their beautiful condominium in Tampa they hired me to help them solve some of their initial concerns.  The biggest challenge for them was having adequate storage. Loosing 1400 sq. ft. is not an easy thing to do! Further, there were condominium restrictions we had to be aware of during the process. Remodeling the design and space planning were key to the solution. Initially, the laundry room was located in the kitchen. We made the decision to move it to the master bathroom.  As a result, it could be functional yet hidden away from public view. Further, they wanted to create a small study. We determined that removing the ½ guest bath to make room for the study was the ideal solution!

The results

Ultimately, the end result was a gorgeous yet functional home that took advantage of every inch of space available without feeling cluttered or cramped. The entire space was totally opened up after we were finished. Now, the home feels much larger than the 2100 sq. ft. It is a livable home, with a practical flow, that enhances the very polished, contemporary feel.

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Her attention to detail, knowledge of scale and light were spot on.  

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