Custom Homes

Whether it is your personal home or if Johanna is representing a custom home builder, Johanna partners with you throughout the entire process.

With an eye for detail and knack for understanding how people utilize their living spaces for maximum enjoyment, Johanna works with custom home builders or individual clients alike to create a showcase home that meets the needs of the homeowners’ lifestyle!

Services Provided

  • Initial consultation and lifestyle and functionality assessment
  • Space planning, floorplan flow, structural changes (Pre-construction design)
  • Client selections (flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, construction services and more!)
  • Additional client services available (furniture, drapery, artwork and more!)
  • Allowance Management
  • Installation/Design
  • Project Management: Communication liaison between builder, vendors, and client

We understand each of our custom home projects may be staged over time. Johanna’s specialty design services are available no matter where you are in the process.  Often times, we assist with the pre-construction process, identifying the optimum use of space and floor plan design.  Other circumstances, Johanna works with clients from the selection process through to installation.

When you partner with us our commitment to you is to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your lifestyle!


Johanna Seldes is a pro and a problem solver! She listens well, measures twice, cuts once.  

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