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When I posted my blog about finding an extra pair of hands, I was excited to find someone to assist me but also to share my expertise with. I found Jeff, an eager and willing mentee looking for experience outside of the classroom. With a passion for interior decorating and design, Jeff has helped Johanna G. Seldes/IDC find balance as well as being an excellent pupil. It truly feels like the two-way street I wrote about.  

We asked him to write a guest blog about interning with us. So, a word from our intern himself:

As I set out to find an internship, my first priority was finding a mentor that was willing to teach me as much as possible instead of hiding me in a corner of the office working on mock design CAD drawings or just a file clerk. From our very first interaction, I was completely confident that Johanna would be the hands-on mentor I needed and she would make sure I met all the requirements of my college course-work. Boy was I right!

Working with a talented and driven licensed interior designer has really expanded my understanding of the profession. In school, you don’t always see every side to the industry and Johanna remedies that by making sure I learn something new every time we meet. Through watching her work, I’ve learned that Johanna commits herself fully to everything she does, even her intern.  From witnessing client interactions firsthand to seeing jobsites at varying stages of completion, Johanna always takes the time to make sure I understand each and every part of the process. She even asks for my input when selecting materials, walking me through her own decision-making. She is extremely eager to share her passion and love of design, as well as, answer any questions I have. I truly feel like we are working together to reach a common goal — making sure I’m a successful member of the design community.

Johanna G. Seldes Interior Designer with Intern
Mentor and Mentee at work

Before this internship, it felt like I was going through the motions but Johanna has reawakened my passion for this career and I cannot wait to see what I’m going to learn next.”

A one-of-a-kind design experience takes a one-of-a-kind intern and I’m grateful to have found Jeff as our extra pair of hands. I’m excited to continue to mentor him while also having his help to create the best experience possible for my clients.     

UPDATE: Since writing this blog, Jeff has since graduated The Art Institute with his degree in Interior Design and has joined the IDC/Interior Design Consulting as a part-time member of the team. Welcome, Jeff!

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She was passionate, patient and professional throughout the entire process!  

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